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LITA Forum 2015
November 12-15, 2015
Minneapolis, MN
2015 LITA Forum Website

Welcome to the LITA Forum 2015 Social Wiki!



The LITA Forum Planning Committee is organizing some events. Attendees are welcome to use this wiki to plan their own meet-ups, birds-of-a-father sessions, gatherings, or what-have-yous.

Planned Events[edit]

Social Media and Apps[edit]

Whatever you post about the LITA Forum, please use the hashtag #litaforum.

Also, we are experimenting with Slack this year as a LITA Forum backchannel. Sign up is free -- give it a try. Learn more about the 2015 Virtual UnCommon (Slack).

For a mobile device friendly schedule check out LITA 2015 Lanyrd For a downloadable mobile app, check out Whova on the iTunes Store or Google Play

Conference Attendee Arranged Plans[edit]

Thank you for signing up and submitting events not included by the LITA Forum Planning Committee that you would like to organize. If you would rather not create an account send a note to firstname.lastname@gmail.com where firstname == francis and lastname == kayiwa and I will add them here.

During concurrent sessions, there is space in the UnCommon room for you to use. At other times, any of the concurrent session rooms may be used. And you're free, of course, to meet anywhere you like.

If you want to lounge in the electronic UnCommon room sign up at the LITA Forum Slack group.

Presenter Content[edit]

Program Changes[edit]

The schedule on the LITA Forum website is up-to-date, but here's a summary of changes to the Forum program made after the program was printed:

Saturday 10:30 AM
Assessment Strategies for Digital Collections Using Altmetrics: results of a white paper and experiences from the field
by Stacy Konkiel, and Elizabeth Richardson

Saturday 3:30 PM
Does anyone ever click on that? Running the numbers on a library catalog
by Bill Dueber