2016 Lightning Talks

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Saturday, November 19, 1:20 PM - 2:20 PM[edit]

We will accept signups starting after the conference opens on Friday, November 18.

You have only 5 minutes for lightning talk. It is a good practice for real presentations in the future. Besides, it is not a big deal if you mess up.

Only 10 spots available! Sign up in person at the conference registration desk outside the main ballroom.

  1. Jerry Waller - One Excel Tip
  2. Tim Wilson - GIT Workflows
  3. Edward Mandity - Search a subject, get a call number - https://github.com/edoman/sub2call
  4. James Adams - Using R with Suma data (slides)
  5. Jason Fleming - So Many Different Library Digital Displays slides
  6. Michele Farrell - IMLS Grants https://www.imls.gov/news-events/news-releases/imls-releases-guidelines-national-leadership-grants-libraries-and-laura
  7. Ximin Mi - Experiment and Explore Data Services (Slides)
  8. Heather Rayl - Working @ Anon-RI
  9. Ashley Creek - When a Great Idea Fails
  10. Jenny Jing - Digital Initiatives Software
  11. Sara Amato - EAST Validation Study (slides)