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LITA Forum 2017

Denver, CO
Conference Hotel: [Embassy Suites] (Google Maps)

Welcome to the LITA Forum 2017 Wiki!


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The LITA Forum Planning Committee is organizing some events. Attendees are welcome to use this wiki to plan their own meet-ups, birds-of-a-father sessions, gatherings, or what-have-yous.

Planned Events[edit]

Social Media and Apps[edit]

Whatever you post about the LITA Forum, please use the hashtag #litaforum.

Also, we are continuing with Slack this year as a LITA Forum backchannel. Sign up is free -- give it a try. Learn more about the 2017 Virtual UnCommon (Slack).

Conference Attendee Arranged Plans[edit]


Program Changes[edit]

Presenter Content[edit]

Evaluation Survey[edit]