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LITA Forum 2016
November 17-20, 2016
Fort Worth, TX
Conference Hotel: Omni Fort Worth (Google Maps)

Welcome to the LITA Forum 2016 Wiki!


Choose the network: Omni Meeting

Username: lita

Password: omni2016


The LITA Forum Planning Committee is organizing some events. Attendees are welcome to use this wiki to plan their own meet-ups, birds-of-a-father sessions, gatherings, or what-have-yous.

Planned Events

Social Media and Apps

Whatever you post about the LITA Forum, please use the hashtag #litaforum.

Also, we are continuing with Slack this year as a LITA Forum backchannel. Sign up is free -- give it a try. Learn more about the 2016 Virtual UnCommon (Slack).

Conference Attendee Arranged Plans

During concurrent sessions, there is space in the UnCommon room for you to use. At other times, any of the concurrent session rooms may be used. And you're free, of course, to meet anywhere you like.

If you want to lounge in the electronic UnCommon room sign up below:


Program Changes

The schedule on the LITA Forum website is up-to-date, so please refer to the website for the most recent schedule, but here's a summary of changes to the Forum program made after the program was printed:

11/17/2016: Session switch 3:30pm on Friday, Mike Kastellec's 20 minute presentation, "An Immodest Proposal" has been moved to Saturday, Nov 19th at 10:15. "Growing Up Fast", which was at 10:15 on Saturday moved to replace it at 3:30pm on Friday.

11/16/2016: Session switch at 10:00am on Sunday, November 20th. David Wilcox will present "Fedora 4 Project Update" first, with Andrew Weiss presenting "Defining and Examining Massive Digital Libraries" second.

I'm old school, so I've made a pdf of the schedule for the concurrent sessions, including speaker names and descriptions - maybe you'll like it. Please note: the Forum Planning Committee is not maintaining this pdf.

Presenter Content

Evaluation Survey

Please make sure you complete the Forum evaluation survey. The information we gather from the survey is critical to further developing relevant, useful and engaging future forums. We will be sharing the results with all Forum participants.