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If you are a presenter and would like to link to your presentation or handouts, please do so here. We ask that you upload and store your presentations elsewhere, such as Dropbox or Slideshare and link to them from here. Thank you!


Letting the Collections Tell Their Story: Using Tableau for Collection Evaluation - Karen Harker, Janette Klein, Priya B. Parwani Slides:


Cecily Walker - Dismantling Whiteness and Oppression in LIS through Community-Led Collaboration

Waldo Jaquith - Open Data Is Just the Best: Also, it's the worst

Tara Robertson - Not all information wants to be free


  • Tag and Release: Google Tag Manager in the Wild (Poster)
  • Do Collaborative Multi-Institution Projects Drive End-User Traffic to Digital Collections? [poster link]
  • Linked Metadata for 3D Models: from Dublin Core to Europeana Data Model [poster link]
  • E-Learning Librarian by Night: Constructing an Online Instruction Program through Self-Directed Learning [poster link]
  • Prioritizing Targeted Digitizaiton Projects: Developing a Workflow from Proposal to Evaluation (Poster)
  • Managing E-Resources Workflows with Trello
  • Think different, design better: using design thinking to create evolving makerspaces (Poster)
  • Open Science Tools and Workflows: what does open science really look like?
  • Help Me, I’m a Solo Webmaster, You’re My Only Hope
  • Eddystone Beacons, the Physical Web, and Slipping Your Content Into the Patron’s Pocket (Without Being Too Creepy) (Poster and slides)
  • GRIPTS: Increasing Online Visibility of Departmental Research Productivity
  • Don’t Learn XSL Transformations Alone: Tales from a Study Group
  • Under Attack: Arming Libraries Against Cybercrime and Preserving Free Access to Information
  • The Circle of User Experience Testing: How MeL Put User Input Into Action
  • Library Impact on Student Success: Exploring Relationships between Entry Card Swipes and Student Outcome Data (Poster)
  • MakerSpaces: Plans are Worthless, But Planning is Everything
  • Maximizing Efficiencies, Troubleshooting Problems, and Gaining Feedback Using Google Forms Poster / Handout
  • Metadata for Non-Librarians
  • The Insiders: How to Work with Your Colleagues to Tame the Intranet Beast
  • An on-demand Digital Scholarship Applications Dashboard (DSAD)

Friday Sessions[edit]

2:15 PM[edit]

Library Services Navigation: Improving the Online User Experience

The 5-6-7 of Staff Training: Tips and Tricks for Teaching Technical Skills During Implementations and Migrations

We Started a Library Analytics Program. You’ll Never Believe What Happens Next. Ken Varnum

3:30 PM[edit]

Strategic Developments in Digital Initiatives at Academic Libraries

Sustaining Usability: How to Create Style Guides People Will Actually Use

Growing Up Fast: Using Vagrant to Prototype New Infrastructure

The Analytics Rosetta Stone: Get your metrics on the web and make them sexy!

Lights, Camera, Advocacy: Digital Storytelling for Your Library

4:30 PM[edit]

Why Does Quality Assurance Matter in Web Archiving?

Using Digital Analytics to Assess the Real World

Measuring Your Message: Using Campaign URLs and Event Tracking to Assess Your Library’s Marketing

Saturday Sessions[edit]

10:15 AM[edit]

Data Manipulation for ILS Migration (20 minute session) | Jerry Waller
UX for Less Bux: Five Free Tools for UX on the Cheap | Steven D. Shelton
More Effective Library Applications with Application Vendor APIs (20-min. session) | Christopher Carvey and Ankaj Patidar
Vagrant and Docker as Learning Environments | Chris Tomer

11:15 AM[edit]

From the Attic to the Archives: An App for Crowd Sourcing Cultural Heritage Collections (Carvey, Milbrodt, Patidar)
Queens Memory resources blog
Queens Memory submission form for community contributors built in Google forms
Toolkit developed as part of the Knight Foundation funded Culture in Transit project for running community archiving projects

Visualizing and Modeling Chicago’s ‘One Book’ Program (Bernal, Burke, Shanahan) Presentation

User Experience & Assessment: Building a Framework from Within. ( Najmi, Anjum & Clarke, Susan) Slides

It’s a DevOps Affair: How to Dev so your Ops Hearts

Tech Assistance for Cutting Edge Communities
Tech Assistance Slides

Lightning Talks[edit]

2:30 PM[edit]

It’s Time for an Intervention: Using LibGuides Analytics to Enhance Usability
Slides and Handout

Creating a Library Learning Analytics Database

Making Maker Literacy || Martin Wallace and Morgan Chivers, University of Texas at Arlington || Texas Ballroom D || Slides

Raspberry Pi Four Ways || Paul Go, Illinois Tech || Texas Ballroom A || slides

Virtual Reality: Repurposing Digital Content to Create Virtual Exhibits || Guy Cicinelli, Parker Fruehan, and Melissa VandeBurgt, Florida Gulf Coast University || Texas Ballroom C || Slides

4:15 PM[edit]

Creating the Library Data Dashboard

Using Openness as Foundation for Research Data Management Services

Immersive Education Using Virtual Reality

Developing a Unified Library eReader (20-min. session) Presentation

From invisibility to e-visibility: innovation in e-book display (20-min. session) Presentation

If You Do I.T., Teach It! A Free Curriculum To Augment Librarian Tech Skills

5:15 PM[edit]

Geovisualizing Collections

Visualizing Global Impact of IR (Hui Zhang, Oregon State University)

Visualizing Global Impact slides

Circulating WiFi Hotspots

Circulating WiFi Hotspots Presentation
Keller Public Library Hotspot Acceptable Use Policy
Keller Public Library Hotspot Procedures & FAQs
Communication, Culture, and Collaboration: Rethinking the Library Intranet
Mobile Hotspot Program from Manage Mobility, a division of Peak-Ryzex

Sunday Sessions[edit]

9:00 AM[edit]

Patron Activity Monitoring and Privacy Protection

Implementing Virtual Reality in an Academic Library

Data 2.0: Transforming your view of the library through innovative data gathering

10:00 AM[edit]

Staying Afloat in a Sea of Data - Heather Rayl and Melissa Gustafson

Fedora 4 Project Update

IAAS: The Next Step in Cloud Services - Speaker Information

Virtual Reality: The Next Step in Information Evolution

Andrew Weiss: Defining and examining Massive Digital Libraries (MDLs)